“Two-E” Blanket and more…

So, lately I have been working on a blanket which I have named our “Two-E” blanket, after a dear friend who sold me some of her stash because of her upcoming move. Needless to say I was more than happy to help her 😉 So far it’s coming along well. The pattern is from The Green Dragonfly’s site. The process is unrelenting at times, and with booger (my son, no his real name isn’t booger…) pulling it away to drag it with him everywhere, it is turning out to take much longer than I expected. I decided that instead of all different colors to stick with three colors, and each time I add another row, I’m glad I have done it. This picture is from a few days ago, and since then my “Tow-E” blanket is now Six rows of Eight squares (half way done!)…

As you can see she is still a work in progress...

As you can see she is still a work in progress…

Also in my basket of “honey we need more big blankets in the house” I have been working on A camo blanket just for my hubby. For this blanket I decided to just go with the big granny square, and though it won’t be a baby blanket, I’m thinking my other half will appreciate the titanic size this blanket will end up being by being able to fully wrap him-self up like a burrito.

As you might be able to tell I have a bad case of the “can’t stay on this project because I just found something so much more awesome.” I’m hoping by posting what I’m working on it will bring me back down to earth, and give me a reason to finish everything I am working on. Let’s just hope that will work! Until next time 🙂


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