Honey Do Blanket

Yesterday I finally finished the blanket my husband asked for last week. It started out a huge granny square and along the way he decided he wanted a rectangle (half way through the project I might add…) So I had to change gears and figure out how I was going to do that. I ended up adding on to two opposite ends, and once I got to a good length I bordered the whole thing. I will post a pattern soon. But in the mean time here is a picture of the finished project.


I do have to make a comment on yarn. I love anything that I can make something out of, and because of our current budget I am usually bound to the good ole’ Red Heart, which is just enough to scratch my itch. While Red Heart does save money sometimes I yearn for something a bit softer, and yes I know they have a Soft line, unfortunately my tiny town doesn’t carry that in our local Wally World. For this particular blanket I thought it was to stiff, scratchy and just plain blah, but after finishing it, my DH told me how warm it was and how much he appreciated that since the weather is starting to change down here in the South. I’m happy with it, but one day I hope to get my paws on something better. Until then… Have a wonderful day!


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