Ornamental way to start the week…

So. Monday.. Day OFF!!! Awesome! (Or was it Sunday?!) My darling sister came over to spend some time with us, and whilst board out of our minds, she decides to drag me Wally World for some craft stuff… She got me with that one, my philosophy… NO GIRL CAN EVER HAVE ENOUGH CRAFT STUFF! Anyways back to what I was saying. Obviously we head straight for the Christmas isle, and low and behold, ornaments! I had been wanting to try this wreath I had seen all over pinterest, and for some reason I decided to H E double hockey stick with it, I’m going to do it! I’m going to make that derned coat hanger ornament wreath! 100 glue sticks, 159 non-shatterable balls, 3 tinsel strands and 8 VERY burned fingers later I finally had one, and so did my sister.


This picture does absolutely no justice!

NEEDS: (for two:))

159 shatter-proof ornaments (balls work best!)

100 glue sticks

2 coat hangers

2 hot glue guns (ouch!)

3 strands of tinsel (my sister only used one!)

*Optional 2 over the door hangers

*Necessary shoes removed!



To start you have to make your hanger a circle, not too hard but, keeping your bends soft is the key to no sharp turns. You will then need to un-wrap the top part. Now you take an ornament an hot glue AROUND the hanging part and the top of the ball (See pic below). I have seen some people say to pop those suckers off (really hard to do btw) but, I found that gluing around that works just as well, and in my experience, the easier and just as sturdy , the better.


Let the glue set for about 5 seconds and thread it onto the hanger. Repeat with about ten more. Once I put the base ornaments on I put a dab at the very beginning of the hanger (right under the hook), I then slid a few ornaments down and put a dab of glue at the spot where each ornament touched another. Once the base is done just keep adding ornaments until your full. Here’s what mine looked like half way through.


Once all ornaments are attached twist the hanger back together. Lastly Take the tinsel and tuck it into the spaces you don’t want to be seen! Voila, there you have it folks.

My ONLY complaint is… I thought this would be a quick 30 minute project, yeah, definitely NOT!!!! From beginning to finish the total was One hour and thirty five minutes, so be prepared to spend some time!


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