Merry and Bright Lighted Painting

In the midst of all of my Holiday projects that I have steadily been knocking out I found this pretty awesome picture on pinterest. I will never get over pinterest, it’s the reason I procrastinate. SO here I am scrolling through the cutest of things, when I come across this… And I just fell. Fell absolutely in love with it.


1 canvas (The ones with the “wood lip” work best)

Acrylic Paint (choose your own colors! I used Black, Blue, White and Yeller)


Something to cut through the canvas (I used a little paring knife)

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks (I use this for almost everything, I’m so glad I have two glue guns!)

Ribbon of your choice


Of course I have canvases, paints and Christmas lights, so I get to work. I wanted to take a darker approach to this though. I started by taking a pencil to the back of my canvas and marking where I wanted my lights. Then I took the paring knife and cut tiny holes where the pencil marks were. Next I turned the painting over (probably not the smartest idea with the holes, but nothing leaked through. THANK GOODNESS!) and painted my picture. Once the paint has dried (ten minutes tops) I flipped it back over, and placed a circle of glue right around the edge of the hole, poked the first light of the strand through, held it there for a few seconds and moved onto the next hole. WARNING! The tip of the light WILL HAVE HOT GLUE ON IT, so before it dries I wiped it off with a paper towel. Once I got the hang of everything I was putting multiple lights in multiple holes.


The Best Part?! When you plug it in!!!


Even better? When you attach the ribbon and don’t have to hold it anymore. I just placed some hot glue on the top where I wanted the ribbon and held it down for a tad bit.


I should have turned the lights off for that last picture, but I’m not always the brightest now am I?

God Bless!


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