What a Wonderful World “Painting”

To call this a painting is a bit of a stretch. It’s more of a gluing. And NO, this time there is absolutely not hot glue for this project. Surprising I know. This “gluing” is something a little more special to me than I thought it would be. You see my grandmother passed away years ago, and the song “What a Wonderful World” was played at the funeral. Every time my mother hears this song she is reminded of her mother. So I thought to myself, I have to do something with this song for her Christmas present. I started by printing three copies of the music score and cut them up into strips, then I used tea and coffee and water to “age” it, and let it completely dry by preheating the oven to 200 and baking it for about 7 minutes, then pulling them our to rest. I then took a canvas and Elmer’s Clear Dry Glue and painted the glue onto the canvas. Next I took the music and painted the backs with glue. Next, I attached the music, and once the canvas was covered, I put a layer of glue on top. Once the glue dried I painted the words WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD on it, and a few other sentimental notes. That’s all to it folks… Here are some pictures of the project…





I was thinking about tucking the sides down, but after much consideration I decided I wanted it to be different so I left them out.


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