Rainbow Blanket

When I initially sat down to start brain storming on this blanket I got so lost. Not even lying, it felt like I was in the dessert, with no water, wandering around, waiting for the buzzards to come and get me… Then, BAM!!!! It hit me, I didn’t want my rainbow to be straight blocks of color, I wanted there to be some color laps in it. So I started “doodleing” (If you can really call it that) and all of a sudden I was ready to start. For reasons to be kept secret (mysterious I know ;)) I decided to make this blanket extra wide. And this is where I ended up…



Half a skein of each color yarn (half a red heart super saver)

Size H hook


Row 1: Ch 152. Hdc on 2nd ch from hook and on eac ch across (150 sts)

Row 2-140: Ch 1 turn. Hdc in each stitch across.

The pattern for the colors is as follows

6 pink rows, 1 purple row, 3 pink rows, 2 purple rows, 1 pink row, *6 purple rows, 1 d. blue row, 1 purple row, 6 d. blue rows, 1 l. blue row, 2 d. blue rows, 2 l. blue rows, 1 d. blue row* repeat this pattern with all the colors you want to use, so next would be 6 l. blue rows, 1 NEXT COLOR, 1 l. blue, 6 SAME NEXT COLOR AS THAT FIRST ONE OVER THERE… so on and so forth, sorry if that made it seem like I was yelling. I don’t like yelling, so therefore I’d never do it to you all.

Any questions? Ask below 🙂 God Bless!



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