97 dollars, hardly any progress and my major problem…

Earlier this week I told you all about the $97 dollars spent on yarn, and guess what… It came in! (slight squeal and jumping up and down with pure joy :)) I couldn’t be happier with my choice in distribution, and to be honest this is the actual FIRST TIME (yep first!) that I have ever used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. AND I LOVE IT! In the past I have heard great things about it, and now I know why. It’s soo soft, it works up quickly and I’m excited about the project to, so that may be why I’m so happy today?! Ah well, who really knows… I may have something else up my sleeve too 😉

Anyways. I put in a tad more time with my rainbow blanket, but barely enough to notice a difference, so I unfortunately didn’t bother taking a crummy picture. That’s one thing on my “momma wants” list for this year, a camera, and not just any camera but a decent camera that takes decent pictures… Not too much to ask…

This week also yielded a cute head band for my dah-ling sister. It’s the first adult headband I’ve made, and I do like the way it turned out.

There is also something I’m thinking about playing around with once these few (4) blankets get crossed off my list. I have been scrounging around on Pinterest and have seen some very unique stiches throughout entire blankets that I find dazzling. We will see. On a more serious note, I have a problem, with Pinterest. It’s too good, like chocholate, but worse, because when you run out of chocolate your out, that’s it… no more… BUT Pinterest you can never be out of, one pin leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to two hours of time passing and you accomplishing absolutely diddly squat, zip, zilch, zero, nada… nothing. Not that I have experience in that department or anything. I need to find something to settle this problem, but I come up empty every time I try something new. I guess it’s just not meant to be.

ANYWHO, here is a picture of most of the stash from my purchase, and my nice BIG P size hook 🙂 Enjoy!


God Bless!


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