Ugly Christmas Sweater Anyone?

So my wonderful sister surprised me on Wednesday with a great project I’ve been meaning to do. Ugly Christmas Sweaters! This year we are starting a new Holiday tradition, can you tell I’m excited?

She spent $19 on two old sweaters from a local re-sale shop, and nick nacks, like feathers, little bon-bon balls, pipe cleaners and jewels. Needless to say the pillow I used for her birthday present was used, or the stuffing at least. I started by just painting the base for his face, and then taking the stuffing from the pillow and hot gluing it to the shirt, haha I know me and my hot glue… Then I painted on his face used some feathers for the top of Santa’s hat, a little more paint, hot glue and stuffing and voila… Ugly Sweater Done!

Tis the Season!

Two Sweaters for $19 bucks, I’m in! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas! God Bless!